Why Now is the Ideal Time to Buy

Why Now is the Ideal Time to Buy


Looking ahead to the upcoming year, you might be gearing up for some major plans— a move. While spring is often called the prime time for home buying, there’s actually no need to wait until then to sell or buy. Here’s why.


Capitalize on Lower Mortgage Rates

In October, 30-year fixed mortgage rates skyrocketed to a staggering 7.79%. Fast forward to January, and they’ve taken a nosedive, hitting the lowest point since May. If you fear getting stuck with a hefty mortgage rate, this could be your golden opportunity to make a move. The financing team at Davis Homes is dedicated to matching you with the right mortgage solutions and favorable rates, ensuring your needs remain the focal point throughout the homebuying process. Moreover, the allure of these lower rates has enticed more buyers to re-enter the housing market, adding an extra layer of appeal to this opportune moment. Seize this opportunity and allow Davis Homes to guide you through achieving your dream of homeownership.


Get a Jump on the Competition

Currently, there are more people looking to buy homes than there are homes available. That puts you in a pretty advantageous position. However, as rates continue to improve, more sellers might start listing their houses soon. By putting your house on the market now, you can beat the rush and ensure your home stands out.


Make the Most of Rising Home Prices

Experts are predicting that home prices will likely continue to rise throughout the year. What does that mean for you? If you’re thinking about selling your current home and buying a new one, moving sooner rather than later could be a savvy, cost-effective move. Whether it’s a quick move-in, a custom build, or On Your Lot, the Davis team has you covered. Let us help you secure your next home before prices climb any higher.


Tap into Your Equity

These days, homeowners are sitting on a hefty chunk of equity. An average of over $300,000 in fact, according to a recent CoreLogic report. If financial worries have been holding you back from putting your place on the market, keep in mind that your equity can be a game-changer for your next move. It could even cover a significant chunk, if not the entire down payment for your new home.


If the idea of selling your current place and finding a new one is on your mind, getting in touch with a member of the Davis team now can kickstart the process. The Davis team, known for their commitment to excellence, is ready to offer personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth transition from your current property to the home of your dreams. Contact the Davis team today to stay ahead of the curve in the market, and set the wheels in motion for your next chapter in homeownership.

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