6 Reasons to Choose a Davis Building Group Home over an Existing Home

Selecting the home that’s right for you is never easy. Many factors go into the decision — the size of your family, the community, schools, location, and more. Another big factor is whether you want to purchase an existing home or build a new home where you decide on the layout and features.

  1. You Make the Call — When you opt for a new Davis Building Group home, you’re making all the decisions — the floorplan, the appliances, the flooring, and so on. You don’t have to live with what the previous tenant liked or save for remodels. You’re starting from scratch.
  2. The Warranty — Should something go wrong in your new home, you’re covered. New Davis Building Group homes come with a 2 year Builder’s Warranty and 10 year Structural Warranty. You’re protected from most unexpected expenses.
  3. Efficiency — Davis Building Group is a Five Star Energy Builder. A new Davis home is built with energy efficient windows and doors, as well as Energy Star appliances. With a new home, you’ll see reduced electric bills compared to an existing house.
  4. Maintenance — In most cases, the older the home, the more you need to put into it to keep it running effectively. By building a new home, you eliminate most of those expenses. Your AC unit and furnace, for example, are straight from the factory. Aside from replacing air filters, your maintenance costs will be low.
  5. Up to Code — In some older homes, issues like outdated outlets or unsafe paint can lead to considerable costs. With a new Davis Building Group home, you know all components meet current builder codes.
  6. Your Home Reflects You — Top to bottom, your new home is a reflection of you — your tastes, style, and sense of decor. Guests will walk through your doors and have a full sense of who you are. You’ll have added confidence knowing each piece of your new home communicates you.

Are you considering purchasing a Davis Building Group home? To learn more, click here.

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