On Your Lot: Should You Buy Land Before Choosing Your Builder?

A decision many home buyers face is choosing whether they want to buy land before they select a builder. Buyers aren’t always able to find the type of home they want, on a plot of land or in a neighborhood they like. When that occurs, the solution is to first find the land in the right location, and then choose a builder that can build a model to your preferences. Davis Homes offers On Your Lot services to meet those needs.

 As with most home buying decisions, choosing to buy land before building has its pros and cons.


  1. You’re In Charge: You choose the lot, you pick the model, and you make the decorating decisions. From the exterior facade down to the screws, you can have a say.
  2. Better Terms: Factoring in the cost of land and construction, you may be able to secure a better loan that covers the full building expense.
  3. Lot Discovery Support: Not sure how to find a lot? Davis Homes can help you locate property and have it inspected.


  1. More Up Front Equity: You’re making a larger investment, so you may have to supply more cash up front. Depending on your finances, that could be a deal-breaker.
  2. Materials Cost Fluctuation: You’re not agreeing to buy a home for a fixed price. Changes in the market — rises in the cost of lumber, for example — could affect your final bill.
  3. Details: With more elements to consider in the building process, you may find yourself lost in the fine print. Insurance, code concerns, and more may become part of the building process.

If you choose to buy and then build, it’s critical you work with a company that understands the nuance of this aspect of property ownership. Davis Homes has offered On Your Lot pricing for decades. We know what it takes to build your dream home. To learn more, click here.

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