What You Should Expect From Your New Home Builder

Your expectations when purchasing a new home should be different from buying an existing home. A 20-year-old home comes with history and baggage: How old is the roof? When was the furnace replaced? Has it been affected by any natural disasters? The list goes on. A new home begs a different set of questions.

Here’s what you should expect from your new home builder:

  1. A Promise of Structural Integrity — A new home should have no major issues, including major cracks in the foundation, leaks from the basement, doors or window, unexpected design deviations, and more. Your builder should provide you with a complete sense of security that your new home is structurally sound.
  2. All New Materials — You’re buying a new home, so you expect all new materials. From the wood frame to the electrical wiring and mechanical aspects, and on to the appliances — each piece should be fresh from the manufacturer. Any builder that tries to include recycled or refurbished materials requires scrutiny.
  3. A Finished Look and Promise of Support — Your new home needs to look exactly that — new. No cut corners or pieces that are incomplete. Every shingle needs to be set correctly on your roof; every cabinet must have proper hinges. And if for some reason aspects of your new home don’t meet these high standards, your builder should take ownership and promise to correct any oversights. Your home is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make — expect the best.

What are your expectations for a new home? What do you feel are the responsibilities of the builder?

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