4 Steps to Picking the Right Lot to Build Your Home

You start with a mental blank canvas, and slowly assemble the pieces for your new home. You know they style you want, the interior features, and the size. Before you start construction, however, you need to settle on the lot where you’ll build your home. Here are 4 steps to ensure you pick the right lot for your Davis Home:

  1. Research Neighborhoods — One of the first steps is learning about the areas in which you’re considering building. What are the prices of comparable homes in the area? How would your house stack up in terms of features? If you have kids, how are the schools? What are average utility costs? Make a list of questions and dig until you have satisfying answers.
  2. See the Lot in Person (and Bring a Friend) — A lot needs to pass the eyeball test. How does the land around it look? Will you have enough space for the home you want and a satisfactory yard? Bringing a friend helps you gain perspective. They may have ideas you don’t consider. Another tip: Try and talk to neighbors and ask how they like the neighborhood.
  3. Factor Lifestyle — Are you looking for a bustling area perfect for families or do you prefer to be around a quiet environment catering to retirees? Do you plan to spend a lot of time inside or is your ability to garden a big factor? Your stage of life and the time of existence you want to have are also major considerations.
  4. Property History — You may think you’ve found the perfect lot. But what if the perfect lot used to be a rural dumping ground? Connecting with local government agencies to learn about the history of a lot is a critical step.

Davis Homes offers On Your Lot services to enable you to build the home you want on the land you love. Our team can help guide you through the lot selection process. Click here to learn more.

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