Meet the Bailey and Capers Families | Building Stories by Davis Homes


By: Leslie D. Reed

Davis Homes presence in #CentralIndiana is unrivaled. The Davis tradition spans three generations of building new #customhomes, creating more than 20,000 in beautiful neighborhoods and #onyourlot throughout Indiana. Building in over 20 communities currently, Davis Homes (Davis) takes pride in building homes for the Indianapolis community and as David Shabazz, Associate Vice President of Community Sales told me, “At Davis Homes, we align ourselves with success. We are embedded in the communities of Central Indiana, and with that commitment, we are dedicated to making sure that all members of this community have the opportunity to experience home ownership.”

David went on to say that “We invest in providing educational opportunities to learn about home ownership. We know the value of our clients owning their own home, and we have created an inclusive environment & culture at Davis to ensure that we are available to serve everyone in Central Indiana. Whether the home is a for a first-time buyer, upscale #customhome, or on your lot, Davis can meet your needs. Center, Wayne or any township, even the communities surrounding Indianapolis, Davis builds quality houses that you will call home.”

We talked with Olivia & Cortrell Bailey about the “Davis experience.” Cortrell told us, “I met my bride in church, and before long we had formed a family. Apartment living was not cutting it after we had our second child, and we knew it was time to buy a house. We had all the questions that go with buying a home: What about the process? Can we afford it? Will we be able to live in a neighborhood with good schools? We saw a posting on Facebook saying that we can help you build your home. We knew then that our leasing days were over. We spoke with our realtor (Sean Carney) and he introduced us to David Shabazz at Davis Homes. We lived on the west side and really didn’t want to leave. David showed us a Davis home in Warren Township (Hanover North Subdivision) that we loved. We considered our commute to work and church and said ok, this can work. We talked things over with David and then it came time for the financing. #DavisHomes made sure that we were able to get financing for the home we wanted. They did what it took to make it happen. We love our neighborhood. The school system is great…it feels like home. We have a retention pond where we can even fish when we want. Davis kept us informed throughout the construction process. David really cares and went the extra mile…he was genuine, not phony. He worked to get us what we wanted.”

Charles & Carolyn Capers (and Grandson Joseph Stroud) spoke about their experience with Davis Homes. The Capers met David Shabazz after their daughter and son-in-law (Olivia & Cortrell Bailey) told them they could move up here, (from North Carolina) all they needed was a deposit to reserve a lot. The Capers explained, “When we got here the first lot we wanted was gone, but we were fortunate, we were able to find another lot we liked within hollering distance. We loved the subdivision, especially because it was in a community with a great school system for the grandchildren. Our location also gives us access to all that Indy has to offer. Living near your daughter in a home that you love…well, there’s nothing like family, especially when they’re close. Davis Homes understood our desire to have a 1-story house, and they built us a home we love. It was a smooth transition, and they accommodated us with a home that made us feel like we were in “Carolina Blue” country: we even have a garden just like back home. David made it so easy for us. We have already referred people to Davis Homes. They represent the best in business practice.”

“Like our daughter said, David Shabazz is a genuine person. It wasn’t about Davis Homes. It was about us as customers. Davis gave us a fair chance to have the home of our dreams.” Both couples agreed that in David Shabazz, they met a guy “We could talk to…he wanted to understand what we were going through. He made it easy to trust him. He did the things that most people won’t do for you.”

“David did what he said he would do.”

Experience the difference David Shabazz and Davis Homes can make when you are considering or have decided you want a new home!



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