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Candice and Zach (and their dog Chloe and cat Waffles) recently invited us to their Davis built home in New Palestine, IN.

We are thrilled to share their building story with you.

One day while Zach was installing a fence in the backyard of a Davis home in New Palestine, he saw Davis Homes sign in the lot across the street that said “BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ON THIS LOT”.

The sign peaked his interest.

Zach asked the owner of the home of where he was installing the fence, if he could take a look inside her beautiful Davis home.

She said “of course”.

Once Zach was inside the home, he called his wife Candice and told her they should get in touch with Davis Homes to build their dream home.

Candice and Zach reached out to the team at Davis Homes and were connected with On Your Lot Specialist, John Chiarotti, who helped them decide on the perfect floor plan for their family.

Candice originally wanted to the build the Breckenridge Floor Plan.

She had fallen in love with this Davis Homes Breckenridge Floor Plan kitchen she had seen on social media.

But, she and Zach eventually decided on the Bradbury Floor Plan.

They really liked the Bradbury because it has space for a home office and the main living area is open.

They told us they spend most of their time in the kitchen.

And, living room.

A “must-have” for Candice was a farmhouse sink. And, although self-proclaimed “traditional”, Zach chose their sleek, modern kitchen faucet and their gray cabinets.

And, they both were so pleased that features like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances were included in their Davis home.

They both love how grand the cathedral ceilings in the main living space make their home feel.

And, how durable their waterproof, luxury vinyl plank floors are, especially with having pets in their home.

Both Candice and Zach said they felt like they were working with a small, locally owned business throughout the entire build of their Davis home. And, that when they build again in the future, they will definitely be reaching out to Davis Homes.

They said they had a great experience with Davis Homes. And, are super happy with and proud of their home.

We’d like to thank Candice and Zach for welcoming us into their home and sharing their Davis Homes building story with us.

And, we hope they continue to enjoy sharing their home with family and friends for years to come.


Are you a proud Davis Homes homeowner and want to share your building story? Get in touch with us by emailing and you may be featured on the Davis Homes Blog!

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{Photo Credit: Matthew Doudt Photography}

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